Whaly 500R Professional


  • Reference ID 49
  • Manufacturer Whaly
  • Model Whaly 500 Professional
  • Registration year 2019
  • Hull type Monohull
  • Length 5.00 Meter
  • Beam 2.10 Meter

Yacht description

Whaly 500R Professional.

Police or military task, work, Rescue boat.

Material Rotomoulded Polyethylene (100% recyclable) UV-stabilised, double-walled construction, manufactured in one piece. 

The Whaly 500R Professional is even stronger than the “normal” 500 models! The Whaly 500R Professional has a foam layer on the inside of the boat, Polyethylene + Polyethylene foam layer, High grade, UV-stabilised Polyethylene (PE), this will be the preferred choice for Professional use as a Workboat or for Rescue operations.
Whaly’s, well-thought-out design, which emphasises strength and stability, offers many options. A large of inner space for a 5-meter boat!
Rotational Moulded Polyethylene (100% recyclable) UV stabilized, double skin hull, made in one piece.
Shaft length of outboard engine Long
Stern height 0,52 m / 20,5"
Weight 365 kg / 816 lbs
Max. persons CE cat. D 12 persons 
Max. outboard 44.1 kW / 60 HP

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